A discussion about Scav spawns on Reserve. (The Field of Tears)


So I just wanted to clock everyone else's opinion on the Scav spawn points on Reserve, or really, the near lack of it seems.

Nearly EVERY single time I scav into Reserve, I spawn in the field where the Tunguska AAV's are parked in the NE corner of the map. This location is nice, as some rare loots spawns are about, as well as the tower.

However, it is a massive open space, with very little cover other than the hills that dot the area. The closest buildings are either the train station, the tower that leads underground, and ''White Knight" that is almost always occupied by other players, camping the windows.

I'd love a chance to be able to make it into the rest of the map, but I find myself dying more often than not just trying to LEAVE SPAWN. I'm constantly engaged either from shooters from White Knight or end up in a gunfight with someone else on the bunker roofs as I move in to cover.

Am I alone in thinking that one or two other spawn points for scavs should be given. I know there ARE other spawns, but I rarely ever get them, and if I do, it's in the slightly shittier space on the other side of the train station, that also completely wide open.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dwh6l0/a_discussion_about_scav_spawns_on_reserve_the/

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