A Rant, and a Suggestion


This wipe alone I have been screwed out of literally over 15-20 million rubles in gear, ammo, etc, to desync, audio just not playing, scavs refusing to die before getting one last shot off, raiders two tapping with their first two shots while their taking a dozen bullets, and countless other incredibly silly scenarios. The state of this game is piss poor, as it has been since before .12. I don't want new content. I haven't wanted new content for a year. PLEASE JUST FIX WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME AS IT SHOULD BE PLAYED.

I have 134GB worth of clips (45 second clips) of me dying to things like this. I have never EVER played another game where it was even remotely possible to find and record 134GB worth of 45 second bug clips. Why are the bugs and servers more hardcore than the game itself?

I watch the podcasts nearly weekly. Every one for the past 3 months has felt the exact same. I hear the same thing every week. You guys are so stressed out by cheaters and the RMT world that you no longer have time to focus on the actual development. I understand how stressed you guys are, but if we're being honest, you guys should just put the game on hold. Shut the servers down for a week or two. Take some time off, or if you'd rather, just take the time to focus ONLY on development.

If 65% of the devs time (as stated by Nikita) has been going into fighting cheats among other things of that nature, that is a HUGE problem. You guys are incredibly hard working people, that I can definitely understand, but I also can't ignore the game sales, and the amount of revenue this game has generated. You guys HAVE the resources (money…) to find help in developing this. Something has to change, because right now, it's right on track to be PUBG 2, where you make hundreds of millions and can't find balance until it's already dead.

I get how negative this post is all around, but I do have hope. I have hope that these things will work out in the future. I have had hope for a long time with this game. But that hope is dwindling, it's been so long and after every content update, I'm just thrown into the same mess. Content can't be enjoyed on broken foundation. Please just take some time to work on the core mechanics and basic functions of the game. A big optimization patch is all this game needs right now.

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