About the cheaters and this community…

So, I posted a clip the other day where I suspected I’d met a cheater in a regular fight.
I wasn’t sure, it could easily be skill or luck but I rely on my general gaming experiences to try to understand what is suspicious and what is not.
I was insulted and denied by everyone and made a fool of myself.

Right after I died in that clip, I added this guy to my friends, he wrote me "hello friend", I wrote him an ironic "gg" and I deleted it.
In the chat he still comes out its original name and is at level 16 (he was 6) from more than 24h now, but if I try to look for it in the friends list I can not find it anymore.
I tried with a friend to test how it works, first of all we can exclude that the guy changed name because in my chat I have people with whom I spoke 2 wipes ago and I see their current nickname but I no longer have them in the friends list for a long time.
Then I asked my friend to change his name after I deleted him from the friends list, I just restarted the game to see his new name in the chat.
You can’t block people, you can mute them at most, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add them back to the friend list.

Having said that, I am more than convinced that this guy has been banned as he no longer exists in the game.

Now let’s talk about the server issue.
First of all we distinguish RMT-cheaters from soft-cheaters: the first are the ones you meet on lab and do not tend to hide it, the others are the exact opposite.
A month ago I took a break because I was convinced to find too many soft-cheaters, now I’m back and I started to select a few servers to play.
At the cost of matchmaking a little longer, I had a great time, the matches were clean and I almost always survived, I played Woods, Shoreline (resort) and some Interchange.
Then I played on automatic servers and was killed in very suspicious ways.
To give the example of the clip I mentioned, before that game I did two Shoreline at the Resort on my servers, I killed 3 players in the first raid and 3 others in the second (including a slick, fast mt and M4 meta) and I survived in both raids. (I’m not making anything up, I recorded everything if you want proof)
So I went to Factory with my friend on the automatic servers, we went to offices, we killed 3 players and finally we pushed the last, naked lv6 with a M4 stock that killed us head,eyes and head,jaws on the first shot.
This person in less than 24h made another 10 levels and then he literally disappeared from the game.

By this I mean that, in my honest opinion, the game is full of soft-cheaters, they are simply difficult to identify with certainty and at the same time the community, especially this subreddit, does not realize the situation, because he just doesn’t know how to do it.
I think this will be my last post in this subreddit and I will no longer be a part of it, as it is full of toxic people and discussions.

For me Escape from Tarkov is the most beautiful game of the last 10 years, it is simply the top, unfortunately it is the people who ruin it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pbzh3v/about_the_cheaters_and_this_community/

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