About the new Skellige cards.

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I'm really into what they're trying to achieve. Fundamentally, Melusine (to my knowledge), might be the first card ever that actually has a synergy with the ''Cultist'' tag. This has been a question which I've been asking for years, about when would the cultists get some love? Looks like, they finally got a hint about what's to come.

Also, I'm really liking the rain Synergy and the beast synergy, spawning all these sirens and whatnot. However, Melusine is but one card and despite the small condition with the cultists, there's still a long way for them to actually become a noticed tag out there.

Like, I've always found weird how so many units with the cultist tag didn't have a specific package, like some combo or something. But given on what we've all seen with mages in NR, I'm very excited knowing that Cdpr has finally started printing cards which can make this unimportant tag to count for something.

Great job! Can't wait for more!

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