Aegis Vs Salvation

It would appear that we will need to choose a side soon. Could we possibly discuss pros and cons of each Camp?

I’ll start.

Con – they “lost” the Alexandria when they had planned to return it to Sol

Con – they thought it would be a good idea for the Alexandria to return to Sol in the first place!

Con – Eagle Eye wasn’t working before Baumann Report was a thing.

Con – Adm. Tanner tries to use Salvation as a reason for Thargoid attacks;

Con – No explanation as to why the Thargoids attacked/hunted the Alexandria when they generally keep away from anything Guardian related

Pros – I’m having a hard time here…

Con – remains in the shadows; no accountability

Con – provided no advanced warnings for recent Goid attacks, yet Cornsar was able to do so. Doesn’t sit right.

Con – if Tanner is to believed, His escalation will bring more Goid incursions, or worse (better?) a mothership perhaps?

Pro – provides several new weapons for better fighting the goids.

Pro – provides those weapons openly and readily to target the goids

Food for thought. I feel this needs to be discussed 🙂


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