After I found a Red Keycard, I lost all will to play. (rant, sorta)

Like title says. I found a red keycard on resort, W218. I sold it cuz lol Labs. I was excited as fuck. I thought the game truly starts here.

Instead, I find that after finding the card and selling it, I found very little desire to play Tarkov anymore. I could run meta load outs all day everyday. I could run the best ammo each and every single time.

But I feel nothing. I went from giving the game more attention than my gf to only logging in now to re-up scav case and collect BTC from BTC farm. Thats it.

Was thinking about trying to find that spark again but seeing lvndmark uninstall Tarkov was pretty sad to see and doesn't really inspire me to play again.

Had anyone else have this problem? Maybe I'm getting burnt out tho i suck at the game. Maybe that seasonal depression is right around the corner. Idk.


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