All Random Deathmatch – the most underrated game mode, but broken

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Am I the only one who likes this game mode?

You spawn with a random hero, and when you die, you get a different one. In one game you can be playing 6-8 heroes – the catch is that the items you have transfer to your new heroes – making for a lot of stupid and fun builds.

But two bugs and one limitation that ruins the fun.

  1. If you have any items purchased and delivered with courier, and you die while its on the courier, you lose everything. (Since technically you're spawning with a different hero, which gets its own courier)

  2. You lose the Aghanim's shard effect on death, but not the Aghanim's Scepter – therefore, no one is buying Aghanim's Shard, only the Scepter.

These two bugs have been there forever, and never fixed. I just don't understand why it has never been fixed, seeing as its probably a quick fix as well.

Also, I wish they would increase death's per team from 40 to 60

Can't believe this is an official game mode, with some pretty severe bugs.


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