Any other pure Role Players here?

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Meaning people that only play decks with cards that adhere to a single theme from the lore. I've played this way since the beginning, since closer beta. Although I always play to win, I mostly play to enjoy the experience playing in this particular way. Sometimes it's hard not to netdeck or create decks with the strongest cards in the meta but I honestly don't enjoy playing that way.

I'm mostly a ST player and I enjoy fun and success either playing a pure Dryad or Elf deck.

Before the last Witcher expansion, I liked playing NG witchers using the old Viper Witchers, bombs, and all the Gold witcher neutrals.
Ships/pirates Skellige or Warrior Skellige is cool too. Vampires Monsters is the only monster deck I play but I want to try a pure Wild Hunt deck too, if it's possible.

My wishlist (CDPR please!) is to build a pure Druid for Skellige and Toussaint for NG decks.

So are there any others like me? And what are some of your favorite or strongest pure Role playing builds?


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