Anyone else follow a mainly ‘nomadic’ lifestyle?

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

I made my first main base somewhat close to the starting area, and was lucky that elder was less than a days walk away. I stayed here all through the beginning of the game up to the very end of Bronze Age. Then I set sail and found a decent meadow next to a sizable swamp. Decided this is where I would next settle.

Rather than keep my first base and work through a teleporter, I just did another sailing voyage and brought a few stacks of bronze, some tin and copper. Since all my gear was generally upgraded this was more than enough bronze to set up my new base.

Then I set up a portal and made 4 or 5 trips just loading up anything remotely important and basically gutted my old base. New base had all my ore, and all my stuff.

Proceeded to get all kitted out in iron, got my turnip seeds, and I’m pretty much ready to fight boneass, but he’s a 1 or 2 day sail away. So I think I’m gonna do the same thing again.

Scout over to bone mass, find a good meadow bordering a large mountain biome to set up my next base. Kill bone mass, and then ferry over all my stacks of iron and my leftover bronze, plus a bit of tin for a cauldron. Set up portals and gut my last base and set it all up in my next one to conquer the mountains.

Anyone else do this? I think I like it better than the idea of farming more copper/tin for each new base. I could ferry the ore back to my original base, instead of bringing my base to the ore, but this way seems safer for a solo player. No risk of boat getting smashed while it sits, corpse runs are inherently easier, I can easily upgrade my gear as a I get ore instead of all at once when I make a big trip back to base.

Anyway, bought this game abt 2 weeks ago and it’s far and away the most fun and challenging game I’ve ever played. Cannot wait for 1.0 because the game as it is now already feels amazing. That’s all. Skol!


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