Anyone else wish that Wood Iron Beams/Poles used ~2 Iron Nails instead of a whole Iron ingot?

Valheim is an amazing game, and I'm having so much fun with exploring and building, and whilst I appreciate why ores and ingots are not teleportable (to drive exploration and create a necessity for planned voyages), that makes sense for items and important structures like crafting stations where you only need to make them a few times, but when it comes to repeatedly used building pieces, that really breaks down. Wood Iron beams/poles need LOADS of iron for larger structures, and whilst transporting it to bases on coastlines or flat low-lying areas is tedious but doable, trying to build using them at the top of a mountain is an exercise in masochism, requiring multiple trips on foot, because getting a loaded cart up steep slopes is often impossible.

Overall, it means that using Wood Iron Beams and Poles are an order of magnitude more work than any other structural component, and it seems kind of arbitrary. I wish they would use less iron in total, and in the form of iron nails for increased portability.

And yes, I know that you can use mods, dev commands, or cheeky workarounds like mining iron in a different world but a) that feels a bit like cheating and b) I don't think the hassle of requiring iron ingots for structural components adds that much to the base game anyway.


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