Armor is out of hand – change my mind

Hey guys,

This is not meant to be a whiny post, as I would like to hear peoples opinions, to see if they can challenge this preconception I (and apparently a few streamers) have of lategame armor vs early game ammo. 🙂

So, a few days ago, a mate of mine got me into the game. I'm having fun, but I seem to have run into a wall when it comes to armor. Having done the research, watched streams etc., I know what is doable when you are at trader lvl 1, when it comes to choosing the right ammo and guns.

And to be clear. I do not mind a steep learning curve and not getting info spoonfed like most games.

So I load up an SKS or an AK-105 with the best ammo i can find (PS or T), find me some good loot and end up getting serial stomped the moment I find an armored player! And I'm not the scrub type who sits petrified at long range taking pot shots, or who runs right into the face of a better equipped player. I take my time and engage the enemy from a good position most of the time. I get a solid 5-6 shots in on my opponent, before they casually turn 840 degrees confused, and still manage to kill me. And this is more the rule than the exception!

Now da's som' ol' buuullshit!

Some players argue that it is part of the realism, and to wait till I get better gear aswell. But that doesn't help any new player wanting to get into the game. And realism should never trumph gameplay honestly. The whole concept of that many guns and ammo being completely useless on players is beyond me frankly. You want realism? Try taking a bullet to the chest with kevlar on, and see if you are still standing.

Streamers like Pestily, Sacriel and Krashed seem to have the same opinion, that this is hurting the game, since it will eventually mean new players just give up. I just watched Pestily tank a scav shooting him point blank for 10 secs while completing an objective, and that shit is just ridiculous. So please convince me why we shouldnt spam the devs until they remake armor values or ammo damage to armor at least.

Again sorry for the apparent salt, but I can't be the only one who likes this game, and has noticed that this is a GIANT dealbreaker for new players and an unecessary advantage.

Peace out! 🙂


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