As an EG fan, I think it’s time to start being realistic again.

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I was super optimistic for this TI. RTZ will finally win! After watching the group stages and how EG performed in the games that they lost, I must say that I do not have any expectations of them winning. When things go their way, when the game goes as expected, EG are good. Excellent even. But when things start going wrong, I just do not see the mentality or the adaptability that teams like OG have.

Do not get me wrong. I truly HOPE that EG win. I really want them to. However, unlike past years, I'm not gonna let myself get emotionally invested in this team because I genuinely did not see a TI-winning playstyle from them. I would be beyond ecstatic if they show up on the main stage and avoid all the mistakes they made in their group stage games. Hopefully they use this time to effectively practice and prepare. However, as an EG (mostly Abed and icex3) fangay, I have come to terms with the fact that EG are most likely not winning this TI.

Other EG fans, what are your thoughts? Do you think I'm being too negative? I just do not think EG can match the sheer dominance of LGD or the resilience of OG.


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