Background of Link’s case. And why it might be better to just ignore his trolling

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Alright, let's burry in background. Maybe you'll change your opinion just a bit. If you don't care about Link and situation and you want to see why it might be better to just ignore this trolling jump to 3 last paragraphs.

Ihor Link is 10000 hours dota 2 players with tone of content, that ended up making his dota-content at ~2018. He had ~300k subs at that time and around 50% content of that time was just an adds. How he grew up to 1 million then? These videos were like funny shitty-cosplay with small history, and other were just his opinion on something "hot" or obvious trolling. And around a month ago most favorite community casters like NS didn't receive invite to TI. At the same time Ihor said that he's invited to make content for his channel (not casting, but event-related content), so basically it could be advertisement for the new auditory.

But for some unknown reasons russian community started being toxic even without any provacation, like: "How the hell valve didn't invite my favorite caster, when he's streaming doto 24/7 and make tone of fun content and instead this dude that didn't even play a game in 2 years".

Right after this he made post in his telegram channel :

"Five and a half nerds who are still in Dota are grumbling about the undeserved invitation of a millionaire blogger (me) with model looks, Hollywood actor's charisma and the mind of a grandmaster who gave this game 4 years of his life, shooting tons of original content and spending 10000 hours of playing time on it. Apparently, they are afraid that someone sixth can come to Dota and it will lose its atmosphere…" Which is actually true, dota losing popularity with every day and event such events like dota-anime or guiderework (Which wasn't even working previously, cause for ~1 year after deleting poor man's shield it was unplayable, at least that's what my friend said when he tried dota first time after seeing me playing this game for 1k+)

And next to it he went full-trolling making this comment, cause once again, he is not struggling or a random small youtube creator, even TI invite revoke'll not affect him at all.

+ Next to it he made 1 more provocative comment, saying that it's only russian community sucks (So there'll be some people, that'll say: "Oh yes, he's right" and some'll be just surprised by the amount of upvotes on this comment), just cause he already don't care about the game itself, where fandom don't want to make it more popular, instead crying about creators invites.

We didn't even fight against 10 minutes delay with bugged lobbies crushing at the end, we ignore shitty dotaplus+ treasuries even with the fact that dota+ subscrubtion gives ~100 000 000$ bucks every year and now we're making dilema with Valve trying to get ~17-24 y.o. auditory from cocky troll youtuber.

Also since Valve didn't annonce yet official casters team, he might be making PRO-GAMER move literally hardtrolling (but it's less possible due to fact that he was upset at first to community reaction), but if it's true then he'll just show that Dota community is literally witchhunting random person on internet after 2-3 posts.

Ironically, Link's case is now most discussed dota 2 problem atm. Once again he's isn't even pro-player (and wasn't previously). And even if at least 700-1000 people came trying dota from the int after Link's videos, it could already create a difference between the players leaving and the players coming. Thanks for everyone, who read this tone of texts or at least part of it 😉 Have a nice day!


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