Basalisk Venom rework might be the most powerful new strategum we’ve seen.

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

So I think that Basalisk Venom will surpass everything else in strategum power level.

It is a card that can turn a 4-5 provision bronze into a removal of almost anything that your opponent cannot react to. Nothing but a preemptive veil can stop this, and not even your usual method of veiling after the first installment of poison since this strategum turns into a double poison in one turn.

Boy people hated double proc ball, now we got a strategum that any deck can pull the same shenanigans.

Radeyah decks may even end up getting carried by this strategum, tho rng involved, so maybe not.

I think that even traditionally non-poison decks may benefit from running king cobra just so they can oneiromancy it in case they get blue coin. SY, ST, and NG dont even need to break devotion.

Seems to me like this card will be pretty meta defining to me. Thoughts?


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