Been playing the game a lot recently and feel like these small changes would be a huge improvement to the game…

1) All containers should start with their default look where the drawer/box/container or whatever is closed. The first time that container is opened the container should stay opened for the duration of the raid. A container that is both empty and open should immediately tell the player it is empty and not let them search it. (This also would fix the annoying delayed noise that a container makes when closing as they would never have to play that sound)

2) players who are level 0-10 should be able to at least see the flea market but cannot use it. This would give brand new players a chance to evaluate their loot accurately and not sell items to the traders that are actually high value items.

3) small items like lighters and matches should be stackable in small amounts like 3 or 5. Right now a small box of matches takes the same amount of space as a full size toshanka for example.

4) rooms that usually spawn loot should have a chance of an enemy spawning inside of them, which would slow down loot runners a bit and make those rooms a bit more interesting

5) sunglasses should reduce the flares from sunlight and possibly flashlights

6) cigarettes as a usable item would be interesting, they could give you the same visual effects that painkillers do but without the actual pain reducing effects, possibly even do a small amount of damage to your thorax?

If I can think of more I will add them but what do you think Reddit?


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