Being able to shoot after being knocked down or be “helped up” by a friend…

Would be awful for this game and I dont think it should be implemented. Again I don't want to be able to get back up or to be able to shoot after being knock down. But what if you could be stabilized by a friendly player (probably your friend you are playing with) and then carried or dragged to an escape? This would be most applicable when two players are trying to leave and run into a camper. The camper kills one player and then gets killed. The camper would get full experience for killing the player, but the survive could stabilize then drag his downed friend to the escape. The downed played would keep the loot he found, the surviving player would be taking a risk dragging dead weight and the camper would still get the XP for killing the player.
I'm thinking the downed player, after being stabilized, would have blurred vision and be fading out so they couldn't help spot enemies.

What do you guys think?


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