Best ship outfittings within newbie systems?

I like to push the boundaries of a games abilities to the limits from time to time, and since I primarily play on PC, I haven’t really made use of my Xbox account.

I then heard about how there are some fuel rats that have accounts parked in the new player systems to help new pilots. This got me thinking of an interesting idea to do with my Xbox account.

What are the best outfittings for ships you can come up with under the following limitations:
– Starting in the new player systems,
– Never leaving the new player systems.

It seems SRVs, fuel limpets, etc. are all in the new player area, the only limitation is the rating and some specific modules might not be available (I don’t think you can get a detailed surface scanner.)

For reference, the new player systems are currently:
– Matet
– Dromi
– Lia Fail
– Orna
– Otegine
– Sharur
– Tarnkappe
– Tyet
– Wolfsegen


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