Bullet drop visualised + SBIH weapon suggestions

Tested out a few weapons to show that's worth using if you want to play long-range either going for SBIH or fun. I personally use the ADAR with RC2 (everything the same as in the video).

Also tested out the MOA and whether it makes any difference at ~200m.

However, I recommend trying the AK-101 build with the rotor suppressor. I'm using it a lot more now since trying it out, super fun and shoots even flatter than the ADAR.

In terms of 7.62×51 weapons – unfortunately the DMRs have slow bullet velocity, only the DVL is worth using but you're sacraficing ROF and stealth by running it loud. By comparison, the ADAR with RC2 is totally silent at 80-90m.

Here are the tests for SR-25, ADAR, DVL, AK-101 and MOA test for 260mm ADAR (ignore the audio desynch it's pretty bad):


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ma8b6m/bullet_drop_visualised_sbih_weapon_suggestions/

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