Characters that deserve cards #11 – Weekend Lore Ramblings

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Today, we are going to pick up where we left off yesterday and look at some more NR aristocrats that should be in the game. Without further to do, lets begin with the list.

King Vizimir the Just (Vizimir II Sprawiedliwy) – the king of Redania, father of Millegarda, Dalmira and Radowid, husband of Queen Hedwig of Malleore. He was regarded as one of the better rulers in the history of Redania and one the better rulers in the North. His policy was prudent as opposed to his father, Heribert the Wrangler (Heribert Kłótnik), who was impulsive and made many enemies (e.g the Chapter of Mages) and under Vizimir's rule the kingdom thrived. He commanded the allied forces of the North in the Second Battle of Sodden (you can read about it here). He, along King Henselt of Keadwen, King Demawend of Aedirn, King Foltest of Temeria and Queen Meve of Lyria was present at the meeting in the Hagge castle, where they discussed the possibility of Nilgaard's invasion and regaining the Kingdom of Cintra. He was aware of the danger from the Empire and Scoia'tael. He supported the idea of Sending Crach an Craite to attack the Nilfgaardian quay. He was strongly against marrying Princess Cirilla to Vissegerd, whom he considered a tool, not a partner. He agreeded with Foltest, that Ciri should be killed before she would fall into Emhyr's hands. Later Demawend, Meve and him tried to conduct a provocation in Dol Angra – their forces, dressed as Nilfgaard was going to perform "a small border incident" that will give NR forces casus belli – a reason to start an offensive against Nilfgaard and ultimately – the war. Demawend's messenger, Aplegatt, told Dijkstra that Aedirnian forces are ready on the second night after the July new moon, but Dijkstra instructed him to tell his king to wait. However, Aplegatt was killed on the way, before he handed the message over and the offensive went through. On the night before the Coup on Thanedd (you can read about it here), Vizimir was assassinated by an half-elf hired by Filippa Eilhart (when the race of the assassin was told to the public, the hostility towards non-humans skyrocketed), his advisor. When Tissaia de Vries heard about it from Ciri (who seen it in a vision in a trance), brought there by Yennefer, when Vilgefortz and his allies were being tried, the archmistress freed the traitors, causing the outbreak of fights. Vizimir's mother was a Temerian Noble. He also wanted to marry his daughter Dalmira to Foltest, but he didn't even wanting to hear it, being engaged in a relationship with his own sister, Adda.

King Niedamir – the king of Caingorn, who later founded and ruled the League of Hengfors. He wanted to incorporarte Malleore into his Kingdom, so he wanted to marry their princess, Podveyka. Malleoran nobelty weren't very willing to be ruled by him, so they found an old prophecy that stated that only someone who defeats the dragon can marry their princess. Because dragons weren't seen there in a long time, they thought that they are safe, but then people in Hołopole reported seeing a dragon (Myrgtabrakke), so Niedamir took the opportunity to beat Malleoran nobles with their own weapon and gathered men to hunt it down. But when the second Dragon, Villentretenmerth beat his champion, Eyck of Denesle, he gave up on that idea and said that his army would crush that of Malleore anyway and he can force Podveyka into marriage (he added that he needs only her uterus to give him children, afterwards she can be poisoned, which is probably what happen, because Kings in Hagge mention that he was a widower and considered him a potential candidate for Ciri's husband once they find her). At the time of the dragon hunt, Niedamir was a skinny, freckled teenager, who hasn't started to shave yet.

King Ethain of Cidaris – the king of Cidaris, a coastal kingdom adjacent to Temeria, Kerack and Bremervoord – the last two being Cidaris' feud. He was a big lover of art, and considered Jakier (Dandelion) and Essi Daven his friends. Essi said that Ethain is an enlightened ruler, who considers poetry a chronicle of mankind. His fleet along Crach An Craite's were attacking Nilfgaardian and Verdenian coast, causing a lot of damage to them.

Agloval – the prince of Bremervoord, a small coastal principality dependant to Cidaris that was famous for their pearls. He was in love with a mermaid called Sh'eenaz. She loved him as well but didn't want to transform her tail into legs and live on land, and Agloval didn't want to transform his legs into a tail and live underwater. The Prince hired Geralt as a translator and a negotiator in his contacts with the mermaid, but both of them stood firmly on their positions, neither wanted a compromise, so it was uneffective. Later, Agloval showed up at a wedding that Jaskier was hired to perform in to hire Geralt again. This time, the matter was to find out what killed the pearl divers (he wanted to solve this because the stoppage of pearl supply would be devastating for the principality's economy). When Geralt discovered that it was Vodyanoi, an intelligent, underwater race, he at first didn't want to believe it, then declared that he can just start a war against them, but Geralt and Essi Daven discouraged him from that. At the end Sh'eenaz got herself a pair of legs and they got married. Agloval was described as an arrogant man with a dignified profile worth putting on a coin.

Segelin – a Temerian noble, an older massive man with a beard. He was in the castle in Wyzima when Geralt was there, hired by King Foltest (through Wyzima's castellan, Velerad) to lift a curse from his daughter who was changed into a Striga (as you know the mother of the princess was Foltest's sister) and gave Geralt required information about the monster. He and Velerad wanted to pay the Witcher more than the king would for him to kill the Striga instead of lifting the curse.

Ostrit – a Temerian noble, he was also present in the Wyzima castle when Foltest hired Geralt. He was described as very proud and always giving everyone the look of superiority. When the witcher goes to Adda's crypt, Ostrit crosses his path and reveals that he was the one who cast a curse on the princess (he did it unintentionally iirc) and asks Geralt not to do what king hired him to nor what other nobes wanted him to do. Instead he tells him to just go away and keep the status quo. Ostrit says that he does not only want Foltest to be overthrown, but also for him to suffer, go into madness and die, because Ostrit loved the king's sister, Adda (i know it's kinda confusing that both the mother and the daughter have the same name, but whatever) and coundn't stand that she's with her brother and not him. Geralt refuses and then Ostrit starts to threaten him with a sword (he also says that magic won't hurt him, because he has a Turtle Stone, which in fact was not protecting from magic at all), Geralt captures him and uses him as a living bait for Stryga. Ostrit ends up killed by the monster.


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