Custom Balance Patch Notes

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My vision on how balance patch should look like:


Whoreson – added Cooldown (1) on his Fee

Drill – added Initiative on Fee

Clarification: if you use leader or play a card with profit (for example) Drill's Fee will be 1 damage for 2 coins on current turn


Weavess: Incarnation – ability changed to: spawn a 1-power base copy of a monster unit from your hand with a provision cost 9 or less. Devotion: spawn and play that copy instead. Stats: 4 power, 8 provision, tag: Relict.

Mammuna – changed to 12 provision

Gernichora – changed to 11 provision


White Frost leader ability now always trigger dominance condition on your units

Caranthir – added Resilence. Deploy changed to: spawn frost on an enemy row for 2 turns. Whenever you play special card spawn frost on random enemy row for 1 turn. Stats: 4 power, 9 provision, same tags.

Ard Gaeth – Echo. Spawn frost on an enemy row for 2 turns and play a Wild Hunt unit with 4 provision from your deck. However you can choose WH unit above 4 provision (max added amount of provision equal number of frost on enemy rows). For every provision above 4 overall frost duration will be decreased by the same amount. Stats: 10 provision, WH special.

Winter Queen – devotion changed to: summon this unit from graveyard too. Stats: same but base power changed to 3.

Auberon – base power changed to 6 for all 3 forms. 3rd form deploy changed: create and play any bronze WH unit.

Imlerith – deploy changed to: gain armor for every turn of frost on enemy rows. Order (Zeal): give an enemy unit Rupture. Devotion: if that unit is in a row with frost then Duel that unit instead. Stats: 5 power, 2 armor, 10 provision, same tags.

Taskmaster – power changed to 6

Bruiser – power changed to 4 but damage to 3.

Hound – power changed to 4.


Deer spell – provision changed to 7

The Great Oak – provision changed to 12

Shaping Nature – provision changed to 8

Ithlinne – provision changed to 9

Milaen – provision changed to 7

Toruviel – provision changed to 7

and a lot of 1 power buff for powercrept bronze elfs.

I don't play SK and NR so I don't know what to do about them. NG assimilate I play is wholesome.


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