Customs spawns are hot garbage

Anyone else feel like the spawns on Customs have been terrible the last month or so? My squad used to main that map for close to a year, and were super hyped after the new construction area and factory interiors were added. But for the last few weeks, 9 times out of 10 we spawn at Big Red with at least one other team, usually two. On top of getting lasered ever other game within a minute of spawning there, the extracts are awful even if you survive. Why not let us extract at Military Base CP or Passage if we spawn at Big Red, instead of forcing us into cutting by the scav checkpoint and into the factory zone to extract at ZB-1011, after we already made it across the whole map? I just did a solo PMC run, spawned in at Railroad to Port and was immediately killed by someone who spawned down at the riverbank not 30 fucking yards from me, a whole nine seconds into the game. I wouldn't expect a spawn like that at Factory, let alone a medium-sized map like Customs. The spawns have ruined me and my friends' favorite map, and just after they updated it with awesome new additions. I understand Customs is an inherently constrictive map that guides teams into confrontations at key choke points, but that's no explanation for consistently spawning right next to other players game after game, especially when my spawns were usually balanced between Big Red, middle map and the east side until very recently.


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