Death of the 5.56 Meta for Close Quarters? Welcome our new Val/VSS and Fal/M1A Overlords

M995 appears to be only good for headshots now considering it is still the fastest velocity of any round in the game and would still be great for open field maps. But for close quarters I'm seeing less and less of 5.56 used by others as well as streamers.

The main reason would be the SLICK armor which just eats M995s until it is zeroed. Its armor steel is able to tank quite a bit of it. The other reason would be the price of the M995, which despite the recent adjustment to $10 still continues to be high for flea market at 1550-1600 rubles.

For that price you might as well get 9×39 BP ammo or M61's both of which can destroy/penetrate SLICK much faster not to mention much higher flesh damage. They're alot heavier to run than M995 but it's better than biting the dust.

I would imagine 5.56 will finally be toppled as meta top weapons this wipe or next wipe. Igolniks 5.45 are great but the flesh damage is terrible which happens to go even lower when it pens a lvl 6 armor. I still love my HK416 but I can't justify the price of M995 with which you blow 100k per mag in 2 seconds. Just had two factory runs vs a 3 and 5 man squads, and after killing them I couldn't even cover the cost of M995 because of the weight system.


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