Difficulty of being a newish solo player

My first full on wipe in eft has not been the best. Just a little background this isn’t my first actually wipe I bought the game during the last few weeks before the pre wipe event last wipe and was able to get most of my traders to level 3 and 4 however it seems like most of the action was missing then cuz many groups weren’t active around then which made it easy for a solo player like my self. However with this new wipe the only action I have been able to run into is squads, players camping in corners or player squads camping in corners which has caused my survival rate to dip down to 17%. Not only this but when playing on maps like interchange or woods I can’t even make it out of my spawn without being headshot by a guy camping 100 meters out. These issues have caused my quest progress to come to a stand still because of the quest that require you to extract with certain items impossible.
Basically what I’m ask is for any tips to deal with these situations would be greatly appreciated.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/e57dfu/difficulty_of_being_a_newish_solo_player/

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