Disabusing the notion that Woods has no loot (and therefore isn’t worth playing). 1 of 2.

Once again I have found myself in an argument with people on this subreddit who think Woods is (1) the worst map in EFT, either by design or by enjoyment and, the focus of this part one post, (2) Woods has no loot on the map or you can't make much money.

This is simply not true and I truly have no idea why people believe it to be the case. It is time to disabuse people, who obviously do not play the map and certainly don't understand it, of this notion with evidence. Albeit, admittedly light evidence to start. Look for part 2 which will cover live raids with data collection, that will no doubt be far more conclusive. The reason for this is that I'm taking a break from EFT until the next wipe, or some new, interesting major content releases. At the moment, the game has worn thin for me.

There also appears to be a limiting factor for testing loot amount offline. I had tried 4 raids with different options selected and the loot that spawned was static. I'm not sure what this means, having tested things on offline factory previously this was not the case, loot was not static, but I would be negligent if I didn't mention it. This is why there are only 2 examples from me today on this.

It is also the case, and worth mentioning, that offline raids have significantly reduced loot spawns, de facto. So the numbers we're seeing here would always trend towards the low end of what's possible rather than the high end.

Since these items are all FiR status, I am assuming selling these items at flea market rates upon looking. This will, of course, allow some slight deviations in prices for you personally depending on what day, at what point in the wipe cycle it is, etc. Typically, I don't list all of these items on the flea market, I'll just sell to traders, so it's also worth mentioning that a 15-40% reduction in profits is a possibility, depending on the item(s) and your skills (that affect trader prices).

Individual play style and personal skill in EFT obviously factors in but doesn't change the argument, that is, it is possible to average 500k in loot (profit) on every successful (meaning you survived) Woods raid. Same deal with the Attention skill, this does affect what kind of loot you can find when searching a container, and, of course the speed of searching. This leads to some disparity if you do not play EFT this way and have a low Attention skill.

Now, with all of those declarations out of the way, onto the tests and what fruit they bore!

Goals of test #1: Showcase that Shturman alone is worth ~500k in loot, and, his guards are near that amount if not equal to it. Sub-goal: Obtain 500k of loot outside of Shturman, just looting stuff along the way. Reference: https://imgur.com/a/Omgqhbv

This is a rough map of where I went and why. Nothing I've done here is something I would not do in an online raid, this is a typical path I take from this spawn. Yellow circle is where I spawned, Gray circle is where I extracted, Gray/Yellow stars are locations I looted, red line is the path I took and in this first map, the red x's are where I engaged scavs/scav boss.

Forgot to bring ZB014 key, so I was only able to loot the outside area of the bunker, but these bunkers are great for loot. This is where I found 2 water filters. Moving to 2 crates, checkpoint, looting the cache on the way to scope shack and then scope shack of course. From there looked over the campsite with the flash drive spawn, looting the duffel bag there and then at the rock adjacent to the ammo box. At this point I spotted one of the guards, engaged him and the 2nd one started charging me. With both down, I looted gray warehouse while looking for Shturman. Eventually found him on the outside of gray. Moving on to cabins, looting those before finally heading to mountain stash and finally ZB016 to end.

I looted the 3 guards, and 2 scavs, 1 to grab the triton vest, out of the 9 I killed. All I took from those 2 scavs was the vest.

Reference 2: https://imgur.com/a/HaHxdWs Shturman's loot, after looting his guard. His 2nd guard's weapon had been looted and stolen by a scav, which I later killed but did not loot. This is on the low end for Shturman and his guards, because I did not secure the 2nd weapon, and the guards did not spawn with good armor or rigs, this is also the bare minimum that Shturman spawns with. I typically find a bitcoin or a labs keycard as well. If not on him, then on one of his guards. Didn't take their armor (especially when they spawn with class 6), their rigs, or their headgear, which is something I normally do, but I did of course toss my ADAR to carry 2 SVD's out. I think it's fair to say the boss alone is in the 500k-1mil range of profit to be made based off of this.

  • Total: 592k
    • 2SVDS, w/scope, 50rnds of 7n1, 2x20rnd mags.
    • IFAKx3, KSH key, AK-105, w/sight, 60 rnds of 7n39. Roubles 10k.
  • Non-Shturman total: ~354k
    • Unfortunately I fucked up here and didn't screenshot prior to ending the raid at ZB016, that Triton was full of loot and off of memory this is what I remember. I'm confident I had near 500k in loot, all said in done. Don't worry, I did a better test on the 2nd go 'round.
    • 120rnds of BT, Water filter x2, Bolts x4, PBS Silencer, 1P69 scope, Tubing x2, Fuse x2

Test #2: What's possible/realistic with scavs and containers only? Didn't feel the need to maximize too much, again the loot is static for this test, but this is still a normal route I would take in a typical raid. This route would account for significantly more PvP though so I would take this much slower than the previous raid. I'd expect to spend the entirety of the raid following this route. I'd typically leave a raid like this after successful PvP, but, we're not testing that today.

Reference route: https://imgur.com/a/QLnVxic

Reference loot: https://imgur.com/a/UVHPgX4

  • Here's what it came out to. Total: 883.4K
    • Comprised of… 6b47 helmet (35k), RGlass (10k),PM Pistol (5k), 1p87 sightx3 (33k) – x400 flashlight (10k), Pilau (5k), VPO foregrips (15k), FD917 silencer (25k), Hexagon 12k silencer(46k), PK-06 (36k), PBS-4 silencer (28k), Hotrod~~~~x2 = 18k (turn into 30rnds of 5.45 BS for 30k instead), San308 (19k), Blue fuel (60k), Water filterx2 (150k), 120rnds 5.45 BT (120×270=32.4k), 30rnds 5.45 BS (30×1000=30k), 29 rnds SNB (29×450=13k), IFAK (10k), Magnet (13k), Bolts (20k), Screw nut (12k), Factory key (61k), Morphine (10k), Fuzex2 (32k), Syringe (10k), H202 (9k), AKM w/ Bastion & B10~40k, Rotor43 9×19 silencer (10k), Triton vest (20k) & 41,013k Rubles
    • Could've made more, some items I thought would sell for more than they did so I ended up tossing several more expensive options. Nothing on this list was rare, this is all stuff I'd see on any Woods raid, in fact, because nothing here is rare, this is on the very low end.

Now the more interesting things about Woods is the tendency people have to not play the game and loot containers. I often find most containers have not been looted when I come upon them on Woods. This also does not account for PvP, at all. There's plenty of money to be made with just PvP in mind, especially late in the wipe cycle. So between the scav boss, scavs/player scavs, players and containers on Woods, you absolutely have every opportunity to walk out of every Woods raid with at least 500k. I certainly do.

*Fixed some grammar & spelling related problems

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