Discussion: really good ammo should be WAY more rare than it is right now.

I feel like im the only one whom thinks this, but I feel that 7N39, M995, M61, (the T6 schredders, you name them) should be WAY more hard to get. I personally would argue that those rounds should not even be buyable from vendors at ALL.

I've been playing EFT now since March of last year, and I've noticed both Wipes that I played, is that besides fighting scav's, armor doesnt do SHIT, since 9/10 Players you will encounter will have that high piercing round.

Ofcourse that said, if you'd be to remove those rounds from the vendors, you should remove the T5 you can buy from prapor as well. I feel like Vendors should be able to sell you mid-tier gear, not hightier. not even at T4 traders,.

since this makes the definition of "bad, OK, good" ammo kinda non existent, you either have "good" ammo, or you're just better off throwing your gun at your opponent since that'll deal more damage.

Besides that, I feel like EfT would feel way more like a survival game, if you could simply not bring the best gear, every single raid, every single time. bringing 2 mags of 7N39's should be hurting you if you'd lose them, instead of being like "Meh, ill just grab some more, I have around 2k in my stash since I've been crafting them alot" (Yes, this does apply to me, I have over 2.5k 7N39 rounds).

I would like to see everyone's opinion about this.

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