Dota 2 :New player Experience YouTube/Reality TV series???

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Hello everyone!
I don’t post on here much but I thought I’d might voice out my thoughts to you guys to get more opinions on the matter and if it’s something that the community would like to see grow into something more than just the game of Dota and if you guys are interested in seeing… so…. here it goes.

As someone who is passionate about the game, I’m wanting to host/film a YouTube series based on Dota 2 while growing the new player experience. I would need 10-20 people who have never played Dota before or have little MOBA experience, and assemble them together to teach them almost everything from the basics all the way up to the advanced mechanics, how to work together as a team, and let out some low lever tier creativity. I want to film the journey for one to two weeks, after the end of the week, I will host a mini tournament with all the new players involved and see if they have what it takes! They will draft their teams, make their team name, and the winning team gets a grand total of $500. It might not be much but it’s a proof of concept that I’m working on and I want to expand on it making multiple seasons. Not only to get new players interested in a 18year old videogame, but to shine a spotlight on the Amateur scene and show the world why so many people love watching this game. In the future I want to try to live stream this as well, but it’s still a work in progress. I genuinely want to know from Dota Reddit community if this will be something you guys will love to support, not just financially. Will this will be a good idea for not just growing the Dota community, but also helping new players getting into the game after the new Dota anime comes out? Please give me some thoughts, advice, concerns. Anyone willing to help me out, making this something big, DM me please!!

Thank you,


(I have 5 people ready to go, I just need to find a few more people, typically with a good PC and that can stream, so if you guys know anyone that is genuinely an amateur please let me know! Hopefully in the NA region… also please no smurfs, I will be interviewing)


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