Dota 2: Rewind

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Been playing Dota 2 since 2014, that's 9 years. And damn, as the game evolved leaps n bounds. It's evolution was what kept me playing all these years later.
Just quick look back by the year, from my vague memory at the best moments.

2k14- knew nothing about the game, spammed Phoenix for mythological reasons lol. Used to dive tower with Night Stalker to hunt Drow and sniper's.

2k15- Year Beast was awesome, back then getting a free set wasn't easy, although some do randomly drop after matches. The Year Beast gave an opportunity to earn sets, it was chaotic n crazy, it was fun.

2k16- Huskar was a beast that year, literally can 1 v 5 in the fountain, with a good evasion build. I don't remember what made him so special that year, but he was a beast, got my highest kills 52.

2k17 – 7:00 Update, the skill tree was introduced. Radiance WK and Abaddon with echo are my favorite heroes.

2k18- Loved the gold earning skill for supports, no longer supports needed carrys. Lol, I remember 6-sloting every game as a support.

2k19- Best year of Dota, as someone playing only in toxic SEAsia, I finally got a chance to play at a different server EU, and how much did the quality of games improved. Tiny was a beast with echosaber n aghanims.
Troll was epic in this year aswell. This was the last year of wrecking havoc with Sven.

2k20- BB with Octarine Core was the bomb. Role que was introduced, took some time of getting used to. The grind for WK arcana in Battlepass was fun. Ck was a beast as always, got me some good MMR.

2k21- LS got me back to legend. But honestly, US E/W isn't my type of server and the game in general has come a far away from it's trilane/ganking style of plays.

How does your timeline look like !


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