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Well, I was not prepared for this.

Quick introduction – I along with the team run the largest UK Dota2 community on Facebook and a fairly decent discord.

We have intentionally not gone out to Reddit for the past few years as we wanted to build a strong foundation with values and aspirations not to be the biggest, but absolutely to be the best place you can hang out, meet like minded people and simply enjoy the game we all love.

We absolutely want and support other discords who wish to host their own events and build their own communities but we also do not want the community on a whole to miss out on what we have to offer.

Both communities (Facebook and Discord) are built for like- minded people to meet, play, and get together. We are built by the community and for the community. Community is first and foremost for us. Games are made for positive and enjoyable experiences for players of all experience levels. The Discord runs active in- houses on a weekly (or more) basis while the Facebook is structured to a place for people to ask questions and find friends.

We work alongside ESL in terms of arranging trips and people attending (and passes for said events)
We work along side organisations (Microsoft to name a single for sponsoring events)
We have started to work with ITB (Into The Breach) UK Dota Org with their own team in the DPC!

And now we open ourselves to you.

This is an open place where everyone has their place from first time players to top 1k Immortals.

Any questions will be answered gladly by myself or a member of the team and I guess that's about it.
(You will need to go onto #self-assignable-mmr to open up the entire server)
Dota 2 UK | Facebook

Building the best community possible and now you're invited 🙂


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