Earth Spirit isn’t dead this patch.

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I'm 3.5k mmr player. I know a lot of you are higher mmr player. But, I wanna let y'all know that, ES isn't dead yet. I've seen post with saying ES is bad this patch and that. But let me tell you, after all the nerfs he is really good is you know how to play him. (just don't roll tower).

People say he us weak agaist escaper mid, slark, ls etc. Lemme tell you, you can easily outplay them. ES is strong boi.

If you're against slark, all he gonna do is Pounce you so he can hit you and dark pact you, but do you know how to counter pounce as earthspirit? You have your boulder smash just kick him. Voila. (plus now you have the talent tree, you can get it if you have LC, VOID, MARS, SLARK as your opponent. The kick is very strong to save alies.)

There is Life stealer in game, don't worry go the rolling boulder build, he will either gonna die(if low lvl and used his rage then you can kill him, else get some help from team) or you'll escape.

Oh there is a escaper mid?
Communicate with your mid. roll and silenced them voila you got them easily. (as a radiant, bait opponent mid to the river, get two point in your kick and one pint in roll and one in silence or go one on three of them, u can kill him/her)

That's what I do everygame. The problem you'll face the most is from hex(shaman, lion) or silence(grim,sky) they're kinda pain to you early game. But later you'll beat their ass with that magnatize+magnetic grim ahh the godly aoe combo. ♥

Edit: against puck you can make Atos if you miss your roll silence combo. As puck can't use phase ahift while rooted.

For some people, this won't be helpful, but being a ES spammer(1100+ games) I don't like to see people saying he is dead or bad this patch. But would definitely love if they bring back the rolling boulder+tp combo.

Hope it helps someone.


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