Endgame… Now What?

I'm aware this game is in early access. I've really enjoyed the shit out of this game so far. However, I'm a bit worried that once popular content creators beat the game and content becomes stale and less profitable for them they will move on. Of course, that's only natural, but I like seeing this game thrive the way it is now.
Once you beat Moder the game is basically over. Padded iron is a joke to make, and the final weapons are honestly the easiest ones to get in comparison to midgame weapons. There is no real incentive to kill Yagluth because his power stinks and he doesn't unlock any progression. (His power is resistance to fire, lightning, and frost damage, all of which are extremely rare and weak except for frost damage)
I experienced the last "wow moment" on this game when I stumbled across the Mistlands for the first time. I knew it was unfinished and empty but it was pretty impressive and a cool place to visit.

Now, I've seen everything there is to see and pretty much done everything there is to do. I don't know what the devs have planned for the game in the near future but I think what this game needs right now is not bug fixes or anything of the sort; it needs content. For me, the appeal of this game was progression, seeing new things, new challenges, and always having something to strive for and work towards. Valheim has been probably the least buggy game I've ever played despite it being in early access, so I think what it really needs is content.

I'm curious to see what everyone else thinks, primarily people who have already beaten the game as well.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/lzd0jp/endgame_now_what/

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