Feels good man

After 1900 hours of this game I have finally done it. My friend and I were running customs trying to get into dorms to get our pmc kills for Jager and as we approached the building we came under fire from a unknown suppressed pmc. We ducked and doged trying to get into dorms and my friend got inside while I was stuck outside next to the small consession stand outside of third story building. The pmc was cheating. I could see the impacts of bullets smacking head level of where I was against the wall of the building that he was trying to shoot through. I made a mad dash when the bullets stopped and got inside and was met 2 seconds later by a speed hacking aim bot pmc. The only thing that saved me was he was using a suppressed mpx with pst and I had an Alyton and a slick plate. I hosed bs ammo from my AK at him and in my last 10 rounds managed to catch him with a headsot. I killed the hacker, he was a standard account in the level 20s. My friend didn't make it as he wasnt wearing face protection. But I got his gear hidden, and made sure to take everything the hacker had on him. I'm keeping his gun the rest of this wipe as a memento for my first hacker kill. Hit me some stories of your hacker kills!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i4wk0j/feels_good_man/

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