Flying to Sag A* without a fuel scoop – Day 5

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I don't have much to write about today! As much as I'd love to make some funny shit up I've actually been quite busy IRL today and haven't had a lot of time to spare for theory on the trip or making jumps. I made about two dozen jumps last night, though, and those will be included both in this update post and Entry 8 of the Ship's Log, which has gotten a makeover!

I've split the flight data into 3 categories:

  1. The entries, whenever I happened to stop flying for the session. These give a sense of how far I'm going each day as they're properly timestamped and are how I actually flew the trip so far.

  2. The flight data split into 500 LY chunks to give a more consistent, but still broad overview of the trends. I won't be including timestamps of these events, as they take more effort to move over to the Google Sheet than the jump distance and fuel usage.

  3. The flight data split into 250 LY chunks to give a more detailed view of how the Apollo performs as it flies through the galaxy. This view lets us see in far more detail how each portion of the trip performs and lets me see what's happening beyond general trends.

I'm considering a 125 or 100 LY chunks sheet, but frankly that seems too detailed and far too much work for the effort. If there's interest in it I could take the time to move it over, as there would be something like 42 entries currently.

Now for the part you guys probably actually give a damn about! The progress!

Starting Location: BLU EUQ XE-Q c5-8 – 3,993 / ~26,000

Ending Location: Blu Euq FI-H b24-6 – 4,267 / ~26,000

Starting Fuel: 359 / 468 T

Ending Fuel: 355.5 / 468 T

Fuel efficiency of today's trip: 78.286 LY/T

I'm gonna be honest. I have literally no idea why it's twice as high as it should be. My only guess is that we're in a really dense part of space and Apollo has dropped weight. It shocked me to see that.


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