Geel Is A Bad Tutor?

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

 Wild hunt frost deck seems playable with the inclusion of mamuna this month. The biggest problem which i have is that i breaked geel quite often. Especially annoying when i want to find the second big gold i was missing with imlerith after nagelfar and there is a breaked geel....
Look at every other 2 for 8 tutors: organic raid alchemy warfare tactic nature crime, they all have multiple viable special cards available. But for wild hunt, there are only four specials: 2 apply frost, 1 removal and 1 tutor. When playing frost leader with frost from leader charges, 2 nagelfar crew, eredin and ard geith(which is a solid card if played in two nonshort rounds, red riders are unplayable pointwise compare to crew 8 for 5 on deploy with engine value), i almost never lacking frost. 
Wrath is just a bad card outside kaltullis deck which play tall early inevitably, sure when imlerith sticks it's good but who could deny the temptation of heatwave 16+ points imlerith? When played later i have to risk my ozzrel to get good value, and it doesn't have uninteractive value as well. I think the fair change to wrath would be like(damage an enemy unit by the amount of power of highest unit you have played this game). CDPR need to also rework red riders to something else or add some new wild hunt specials, otherwise this archtype seems too unfinished.
So i have about two wild hunt specials in my deck, that's why i hate geel, not because he is a bad painter.


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