Gilligan’s Island

Thank you devs for the best gaming experience I've had so far.

I was explorasailing around a bit when I got booted from our shared private server (playing solo at the time). Crap.

But I loaded back in — whew — seems like the server reset. What's the worst that could happen when I'm in a boat next to a swamp at night and a bit away from shore?

When I came back in I was alone, no boat, floating, and more than a stream's skip away of water between me and land. The boat (which I could see for a moment before thick fog set in) was back quite a bit, but at least near shore. Excellent, I have swim skill 11, what's the problem? Swim, dodge some bad guys, get the boat, no sweat.

I swam until my stamina was almost gone, shoot, I'm still pretty far away from shore. I drank the only remaining stamina mead and loaded up on food to max my health. Then swam the rest of the way, making it with 30-something HP left (out of 180 or so). Ha, at least the boat is closer in than I was when I get to it.

After meeting the usual swamp reception committee (no Poison Resist Mead – need to remember that next time) I lumbered through the swamp to the boat area just in time to see and hear the dragon on the bow slip below the waves. Crap.

Well, no worries. I had already marked a nice little meadow area a little bit south. I could grab some leather scraps and make a raft to limp over to a not too far away portal (our Bonemass Boss site on map) just to the east. What could go wrong?

Welp, its a island.

Praise Odin, for this opportunity to prove our Vikingr strength.

After introducing myself to the neighborhood watch and paying the requisite HOA fees in hp and stamina and collecting quite a few sausage ingredients, I've established a small shelter on what looks like a profitable piece of real estate with surt spawns and crypts (not all marked yet – too busy dodging oozers). Low on food, cold, wet, but full of glory.

Sent out a screenshot to our shared discord as a distress beacon. My brother has promised to rescue me this evening.

I love this game.

Thank you Iron Gate devs for Valheim.


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