Good theory on why the packs aren’t discounted if you already own STW.

So for a while I've been thinking on why Epic doesn't reduce the price for the pack if you already own STW. So I decided to find the reason for this.

Note: If any of my information is wrong, than please tell. Also note that this is just a theory and not probably not the actual reason as to why Epic won't lower the price to already existing STW players.

Lars (Rare Skin) – Would normally cost 1,200 V-bucks or $9.60 USD.

Prop Chop (Rare Pickaxe) – Would normally cost 800 V-bucks or $6.40 USD.

1,000 V-bucks from STW daily missions (gained over time) – $8 USD.

1,000 X-Ray Tickets – Worth ? USD. (For the sake of this theory, we will make it $0.)

+ STW Access

So in total, the items from this pack are worth ~$24 USD (excluding the price of STW in itself, which I will get to in a moment). In game, it costs $16.

Looking at the things you get with this pack, even if you alrady own STW, the price of the pack is still worth it (to some extent).

Now time to address the issue with these packs, and that is why do we not receive a discount for these packs after already owning STW (and the same can be said to those who bought the game after the games "official launch" with one of these packs and still have to pay $16 for any future packs that release)?

THEORY: From looking at the wording of the pack, which currently is called "The Lars Pack", the pack doesn't necessarily count STW as already being part of the pack. It's more of a "FREE" addition to the pack. STW by the looks of it is like a free addition to the pack. This pack isn't called "The STW Pack: Lars" or something like that.

If this doesn't make sense, then I will expain a bit more about what I mean and give some examples/proof.

Example 1: Remember when STW was available in the Fortnite Crew with Deimos? STW was technically a "free" addition to buying the Fortnite Crew at that time. The price of Fortnite Crew NEVER changed. If Epic never added STW to the Fortnite Crew, it would've been the same price regardless.

Example 2: Lets say Epic made The Lars Pack by itself and not with STW (basically the list above without STW access) and the 1k V-Bucks obtained in STW would instead be obtain through daily challenges in BR. The price of the pack physically wouldn't change, because STW is a "free" addition.

Example 3: Let's compare this pack to a real life example. If you have ever seen a commercial or have gone to a store, you might have seen/heard something like "If you buy 2 of these for $4, you get an extra one free!" or close to that. If you compare it to this pack, it makes sense. "If you buy the Lars Pack with 1k V-bucks for $16, you get STW for free.

And that's where my theory comes in. Because STW is included as a "free" addition, the price of the pack doesn't shift. Players asking Epic to reduce the price to already existing owners can't do that, because STW is considered as FREE, and doesn't have a PRICE (essentially $0). Sounds kind of sad if you ask me.

Remember that this is just a theory of mine and it doesn't mean that anything will change in the near future.


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