Guys this is an emergency- at least for me

I was playing among us with this amazing group of people- Cookie, Bri, Audri, fnaf, and a Mr.Red.

I got disconnected from the server, never to see them again.

I'm bloody devastated, and I know this may not be the best place to ask for help but this sub is all I've got.

Cookie was Black, Bri was White, Audri was blue one round, fnaf tended to be purple, and Mr.Red was, well, Red.

My name is beepie. I was cyan. If any of you can help me find them, I'll be in your debt, I promise. I'm not fishing for anything, I just want to find my friends 🙁

We got so close and I loved playing with them so much- it was such a great group of people.

Please, if you can find them, it'd mean the world to me.


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