Gwent balancing is getting worse and worse.

Yennefer's Journey

After this recent patch-notes i couldn't help but laugh in utter overwhelming-dissappointment.
The last 2 weeks i quit the game to go play another TCG with the aim of returning after the patch. (I've religiously loved this game and tried my best to maintain top 500 each month.)

After checking it out, it has to be the most lazy patch-notes I think I've ever seen in a game. (This is coming from a previous no-life League of legends player.)

I'm sorry but i have to ask and point out:

  • Re-work unplayable Imlerith? No.

  • Change the way dominance interacts to support wild-hunt? No.

  • Accept jackpot mistake and make it more fun? No.

  • Re-work NG soldiers and bronzes to make them more enjoyable and supporting? No.

  • Re-work some SK pirate cards to make it a self-supporting arch-type? No.

… The list could go on, i don't want to bore everyone.

I'm gonna outline the patch in numerical nutshell:
61 card changes (Not including golem rarity)
10 Cards got SLIGHT additions and tags.
51 Cards got SINGLE provision/power changes.

What a joke. I can't even be bothered to explain why this isn't something that is fun, enjoyable or ignites new playability. That Junior haunting your games? He's 1 power less. That SY playing Jackpot with zero thought and power slamming? 1 provision less!

It's so bad that i can't even imagine the gwent balancing team goes to work and puts time into this game. There is ZERO possibility that a months work culminates into 51 (86% of the patch) cards having 1 statistical changes.

Im out for another month, it wasn't a long rant, but i think im out of energy and care for gwent, as it continually disappoints. /rant over.


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