Gwent is not done but it is diminished.

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Someone on another thread used “bittersweet” to describe how he felt about the stream and I 100% agree. There were definitely some good news, I’m very excited about this upcoming card drop and the fact that revitalizing old archetypes and cards is the big focus of this year. I’m also very VERY excited about Project Nekker, whatever that will entail.

But I cannot shake this terrible feeling that this is it. Not the end of course but a diminishing that will lead to the eventual end. Slama is now gone (not a diss to the awesome Vlad!), only ONE new Journey planned, only one full expansion, no new features in the game, less tournaments, etc.

Specifically less Journeys is what I find scariest, I mean that was such a good way to monetize the game and even that seems to be getting abandoned. If one of their major sources of monetization is being downsized this much, I find it hard to be optimistic about anything else I’ve never been a doomer but I cannot understand how any player could see ANY of these diminishments as a good thing.

To be honest can live with Gwent just consisting of simple new Journeys and smaller albeit smaller card drops every 3-4 months that are more impactful, but I find it ominous like it’s the beginning of the decline. I guess I’m just ranting at this point and this post is not doing anything constructive so I’ll end it here. I know one day the game will be gone but I just don’t want the game to just fizzle out just yet and I know you reading this don’t want it to either. Not gonna lie, I’m a bit down at the moment.


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