Gwent Streamers – Being toxic isn’t that bad, hear me out.

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Alright so I saw the post that got some attention regarding big Gwent streamers being too toxic, and a lot of people were ripping on these streamers. Well I wanted to share my unpopular opinion. I will most likely get called toxic myself for saying this but In my eyes it needs to be said.

I feel like the people on here complaining about the toxicity of some Gwent streamers is hilariously pointless. First of all if you don’t like watching people respond to a video game how they want to then don’t watch them.

People fail to realize streamers do this for hours each day playing the same game, putting tons of work into making content, for most Gwent streamers it’s there job, of course it’s gonna get frustrating sometimes and that’s gonna spill over, just like with any job. And it’s not like anyone is sending death threats over a card game. Secondly, it honestly makes for good content in my eyes, I’d rather streamers show salty emotion towards it then nothing at all, and most of the time it’s pretty damn funny. Creators like Specimen are mostly wholesome and when he isn’t I enjoy the video/ stream just as much or even more. Same goes for creators like bushr, when he’s salty it’s pretty damn funny, it’s all over a card game people remember that.

Also for the people upset about being called out on stream for bad plays, winning / losing against a streamer, or whatever it is…..get up and take a walk outside. Gwent is just a video game and they are just random people online, get over it and move on with life, if it affects you that bad then delete the game and twitch because it is doing you more harm then good. It is very odd to me that people actually even take stuff like this to heart, in the grand scheme of things it’s nothing at all. In 10 years from now if you’re still thinking about Gwent, it’ll be about how fun it was not about that time Spyro called you an idiot on stream and it hurt your feelings for half a second.

Finally, I personally like all Gwent streamers because I love watching Gwent however it is played and however it is reacted to, stop attacking ones you think are toxic. If the toxicness is too much for you then don’t watch them. Don’t come on Reddit and complain about it, and then try and get these streamers to apologize to you for something they said while trying to make content that will pay their rent.

And I know people will say, “oh well it’s bad for the community” well these streamers are a large chunk of the community. Suck it up or watch someone else. Nobody actually goes to bed crying after they were called a loser for getting there Viy milled, grow up.


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