Has anyone considered Arc Warden Support?

Mod Skin Dota 2

I was looking at the numbers, and I believe this hero would function exceptionally well as a 4 support or offlane that builds aghanims scepter and glimmer force or possibly atos.

You would grab the following talents:

+175 📷 Flux Cast Range
+40 📷 Magnetic Field Attack Speed
+125 📷 Spark Wraith Damage

The Damage output here is insane from a support role.

When you get Aghanim's scepter, you can cast 2 spark wraiths on top of each other, which then do 435 damage each(870 damage!) and then immediately upon impact, they spawn 2 more after 2 seconds. if only the first 2 land, its still 870 damage, a Lion Ult, but here's where it gets even spicier. It slows for 100% for 0.7 seconds. This means they have 1.3 seconds to escape the aoe before the next hits them. If you stagger the 2 spark wraiths, they have 0.6 seconds, half a second, to escape before the next 900 damage hits them.

Also keep in mind, this ability has a 4 second cooldown. even if it misses, you just throw more down 4 seconds later. Wraiths last 45 seconds! You can effectively make a massive minefield of spark wraiths that then summon more, every fight. the amount of wraiths you can toss across the land in a teamfight is ridiculous. Not only is it basically Skywrath Mage levels of damage, it also slows, and you have Arc Warden's Q as well to slow for insane amounts and force enemies to group together for your teammate's abilities.

On top of all of this ridiculous amount of damage, magnetic field can be placed to save teammates. If you place two perfectly, you can make the area an ally can be successfully hit incredibly small. This also gives a lot of attack speed and is great for base defense.

This hero would also get to double force staff teammates, lotus two different allies at once, or 100% uptime one, double glimmer, etc. AND this hero has insane cast range on his abilities. Additionally, if his main hero is ever gone on, his illusion can save him. He can save himself!

This sounds kinda busted. I think its just that players haven't tried experimenting with this yet. Thoughts?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/pspopz/has_anyone_considered_arc_warden_support/

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