Hatchlings and Pistol runners ruin loot

This probably is going to get a lot of flak because I know a lot of you are home grown rats.

I personally think BSG needs to implement a system that *FRESH* FiR items should have a timer before you can shove in your asspack. (excluding any gear found on dead players or scavs) Especially since they pride themselves on screaming realism. The amount of times you can spawn into a fresh raid and the hatchlings or pistolers just run straight to marked rooms or high tier grab the most valuable thing and shove it in their ass and boom profit. VS the guys that come in geared properly (backpack, vest, maybe a helmet OR chestplate intending on surviving and extracting), Play strategically and get beaten to the best loot constantly and it wouldnt be so bad if they could still be killed and get the loot off them. Instead of being allowed to shove it straight into their asspack maybe put a 2, 3 minute timer on fresh FiR items would be a positive change. And if the loot is going to start being based off how much gear each player brings to the raid. More pistol and hatchlings the worst the loot. More people gearing to fight and survive better loot. Just gets old its not even worth bringing in anything but a pistol anymore because of this I feel.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/plu7fa/hatchlings_and_pistol_runners_ruin_loot/

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