Here to address the biggest issue in the game

I know people are probably expecting me to say traders/scammers or whatever the case is but truthfully, that’s not even an issue. The biggest issue with STW is the amount of players that don’t really know how to play the game. I speak for twine when I say that over half of twine players get into these missions and just ride the wave. Unless it’s a retrieve the data, which all they do is stall/jail build then they don’t actually try and help with the mission. I mainly play 4-player 4 atlas mission because I find them to be the most challenging outside of a 160/4-player evacuate the shelter which seems to be impossible unless all players load in at the same time. Anyway I spawn in an atlas mission, find the atlases and pick my atlas. Mind you, I call out my atlas in the chat meaning I’m responsible for it. I set up my defenses knowing my atlas will go untouched. I look at the other three atlases only to find just a pyramid around them. Now these are twine players doing this and scream for help as soon as a smasher runs through the pyramid. This is unacceptable. My combat and building score should not be higher than the other 3 players scores combined. As I said earlier, stone wood and traders are not a problem. Players getting used to reaping rewards they did not earn is the biggest problem in the game( twine especially because that’s where your suppose to go all out). Lastly if anybody is trying to play some 4-player 4-atlas mission let me know but fair warning, I am only responsible for my atlas.


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