How do you generally equip your PMC for a raid?

My experience has me compelled to bring into every raid the following:

  • two mags of ammo and a pocket of bullets to fully replenish a mag. This gives me two snap reloads with a third in the bag.
  • Salewa, because it stops bleeds and has a good pool
  • Milk, because it gives good hydration and energy, enough to get you out of trouble
  • the 5-use splint. I'm not letting that happen again.
  • Ibprufon pain killers, because more uses per bottle and the painkiller effect lasts longer

And then in my EoD secure container, I pack the following:

  • Dog Tag case, because I see streamers have one and I want to flex my epeen for the no one watching me play
  • Keyring item
  • 7,000 rubles for any extraction
  • two slot surgery kit I got from Jaeger for 3 nippers
  • NVG helmet attachment

And then my primary items:

  • Vepyr (no silencer) with BP ammo and x4 optics
  • lvl 4 helmet, either MSA ACH or Ops Core FAST MT
  • Zhuk-6a heavy armor
  • Blackrock Chest Rig
  • 3V G Paratus 3-Day Operator's Tactical Backpack

A lot of it is very pricey, but I feel like the game works like this:

  • invest $1, get back $1.20
  • invest $10, get back $20

So it pays to pay more.


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