How to get mixed ship and on-foot missions using what is already in game (let’s work on this together)

Premise, I was thinking to put the same on the forums, but as I never do that I'm kinda lost, suggestions are welcome if anyone thinks this is nice. Also, I know that it's unlikely to happen, but you never know.

All existing ship only missions could actually benefit if it can be given by NPCs, especially if you place them in an appropriate location. Some criminal might spawn off of your ship and attack you if you fail the mission! Imagine that.

Exploration Leisure and crazy stuff

Imagine landing on a tourist settlement, you enter the bar, and there you find a middle-aged couple, you immediately notice the icon above them, "mission givers!", let's see what they want:

  1. First option, could be something classic and straightforward, bring us to another settlement, it has a better view, and their Levian brandy reserve is not over like here.
  2. They want something more dangerous that is not allowed in tourist agencies, they want to experience the thrill of neutron boosting on a white dwarf.
  3. A little crazier client might ask you they want to see a pirate den, in an asteroid ring, happens to be some of those non landable stations but owned by pirates, attacking anyone crazy enough to look for them, you have to get close enough to get the credits, and a bonus if you manage to avoid hull damage.
  4. Even crazier, some would want to visit guardian or thargoid sites, from ruins to those thargoid megastructures, expect them to do stupid things like provoking sentinels.

Exploration, scientific

you will find that only in settlements that are appropriate, biotech labs, manufacturing, etc.

  1. Mission givers will ask you to bring them to specific locations where they might just need to disembark for a few minutes, or disembark with their own srv (I wish we had already multicrew srvs).
  2. Others might ask you to retrieve samples from specific bio signals, maybe 1, or maybe 6 samples, the more, the higher the payout.
  3. Some would need to analyze stellar phenomena, Lagrange cloud, or similar, so they require you to equip an SLF to deploy nearby.

Stranded ships, improvised settlements

Imagine you are exploring around the bubble, from 10 to 50ly from inhabited systems, and you find a human signal, it happens to be an improvised settlement made out of the resources extracted from a stranded ship, similar to that found not long ago in a CG or lore event (I don't know how to call it).

You land nearby, and although in rare occasions they might shoot you on sight, most will welcome you as their rescuer:

  1. If you happen to have cabins, some mission giver may ask you to bring them somewhere, either being to any inhabited system, to a specific station: "I want to go back home, please sir!". Again, in certain cases those that are not mission givers might attack you because they are sort of a sect, or just "need" them desperately (slaves).
  2. Some "villagers" might ask you for some resources, because they can repair their ship and can leave the planet once you bring them what they need.
  3. Some of those places might have some structures that you can scavenge, everyone here died, nobody rescued them in time.

Stranded megaship with upcoming interiors

This I'm sure it was already suggested and discussed, it would be awesome some sort of scary encounters:

  1. The crew went crazy due to a virus, and they attack you on sight, screaming like monsters.
  2. 50% chance the ship is abandoned, and you go there just scavenging (carefully, of course).
  3. Other missions similar to those in the stranded ship on planets missions.


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