How to spot unfair play.

As someone new to the game, 99% time I can tell when I get stomped on. I know either it was my aim that was bad, my ammo type wasn't good, or I wasn't well concealed enough when jumping someone, or someone jumped me when I was unaware, or whatever. Every once in a while, though, I have situations where I'm like… how in the world did that player know I was there or why is he not dead?

Like I was scav'ing on Customs earlier. I hear a dude running up the hill behind the gas station, I feel like I'm well concealed in the brush, waiting to jump him, and BAM! As soon as he pops up around the rocks at my feet, I'm dead. There are those 1% situations where I just don't feel someone should have made that shot or known I was there. Could you all provide me with some things to look for that could indicate unfair play? I know it's probably super rare, but I don't feel I have enough experience in the game yet to identify when people are not legit.


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