I decided to give draft another chance and, God, what a mess this gamemode is…

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Lets start with the fact that I either played against OP decks or my opponent insta-conceded so the requirement of playing a game before redrafting is simply not doing enough.

Now lets continue with my drafting experience. One of the drafts I picked Blood Scent as my ability. First pick I was greeted with Invo as an option for a key card. Like what kind of a build-around card is Invo? Throughout the picks I had Hubert in the vampires pack even though he has 0 synergy with vampires.

Draft number 2: Overwhelming hunger picked for an ability and Passiflora for key card. And I shit you not I had ONE pick with 2 blindeyes and ZERO picks with deathwish cards.

Draft number 3: Rage of the sea, Harald. And the only warrior I got was a Drummond Berserker who transform into a bear and is unusable with Harald.

The only time I managed to build a decent deck I had to change half of it after the second game because some brilliant mind decided that somehow this is a good feature.

And here come my questions to CDPR: How much time do you need to make this mode playable? It has been like what – a year and a half/two years? Do you have a timeframe to share with the community? If yes do you have some kind of a roadmap how are you going to tackle the issues with this mode? Or if not do you have it in yourselves to aknowledge that draft was an absolute failure and at least bring back arena for the people who are bored with the everlasting awful meta?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/qdf330/i_decided_to_give_draft_another_chance_and_god/

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