I don’t really want to, but should I throw in the towel with EFT? It’s been 3 years of on-and-off play, and I don’t feel like I’m any better with PVP and it’s just annoying me.

"Hurr hurr get gud brah" and all that I guess will be inevitable, but I've had about a month off again and just looked at the EFT icon on my desktop and get an excitement for the game, follow by an immediate "Ugh, why bother?" because I know it'll be death after death of bullshit that doesn't happen in any other games.

The frustration comes from a lack of sense of feedback, as discussed by Veritas, which leads to a constant sense of frustration.

I'm level 32 or 33 right now, and my recoil is I think level 4. Because I just don't kill anyone in PVP.

AKs even when fully modded bounce around too much and I miss, I can use 5.45 BS, M995 or M855A1, 7.62 BP, any of the MP7 rounds, SP6 for the VAL, doesn't seem to matter. When I shoot at someone, nobody dies.

I either miss or they just don't die, and I of course get one-tapped, head, eyes, visor or not. I get the jump now and again, get half way through a mag at someone, and they just bunny hop away, hop across the hallway and somehow one-tap me while it feels like they're in mid air.

I'd call hackers, but it's happening so often, this abuse of the lag. I see streamers doing it all the damn time, sprinting or jumping across a hallway while looking sideways, then popping out and firing once, then turning and sprinting in to the room again. Since when did Tarkov become a COD-like flick-shooter?

Take things fast, get killed by someone already there. Take things slow, get no loot and still get killed by someone camping.

It's been 3 damn years, I know the maps, I know what rounds to use, I know weapon setups, I wear comtacs, but I die almost every raid to someone I didn't see even though I'm checking around me constantly and it's impossible to check every direction. I know the spawns and general directions players will come from.

I always get seen first no matter how cautious and between cover I move. If I sit and wait, nobody shows up, then I die when moving.

My luck is atrocious – everyone sees me, I rarely ever see anyone else, and when I do my rounds rarely ever kill anyone.

CoD? BF? CS GO? Enlisted? Top of the board most of the time. So do I suck at FPS games? No, I don't. I'm no God, but I'm pretty damn good.

EFT? The recoil is uncontrollable for me and yes I know the PMC controls it, I miss my first shots due to the recoil yet everyone seems to lazer beam my head with each burst with I assume the same meta weapon setups, even with high ergo I feel like it takes too long to line up a shot on someone due to the weapon sway and sluggish feel.

Every time I play, even if I focus on the game as my sole game for weeks, I just die to bullshit. Shot him with M995 like 10 times, he didn't die, yet I get one-tapped by PST GZH. "Magnum buck can one-shot someone to the legs." Errrr nope, not for me in factory. I unloaded a 10-round Saiga with Magnum buck at a guy's legs and he didn't die. Yet streamers one-tap with shitty shrapnel rounds.

I just don't get it. Why I fail so much in this game, succeed in others, and I can't be bothered to play any more as the game is so damn inconsistent.

Anyone else feel this way?

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