I feel sad after killing the Moder

I think it needs a buff! I prepared kinda well for fighting it, I built structures and cover as well as fully upgraded Fang, Silver Set, and more. I also had lox meat and needle arrows as well as poison arrows so I guess that's a little cheap, and finally I used Bonemass during the fight as well. But still.

I never went below 150 hp. Even when I got hit directly by her attacks, it was like a Greydwarf was hitting me. First playthrough, but I still wish it had put up a better fight. And what made me sad was the text after killing it, "Moder in Tears"!

It was really unsatisfying and I felt like I just killed someone's defenseless mom. Idk. Big sad, at least now I'm pretty sure I'll stomp Yagluth into the dirt no issue.

What are your thoughts on whether it should be buffed?

My preparations. They were wildly effective.

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