I just don’t like going full chad. Whos in the same boat?

I'm here to find some people who thinks the same.
I have around 60mil stash value, 31mil cash and i just dont like going full chad on a raid. Its not gear fear, its not money problem… For me, its just boring. Becoming a full bullet sponge and strafing like a maniac to determine who will win a fight, its just not my playstyle, because whenever you enter a raid with a god tier loadout, you play a lot more agressive 90% of the time because of more confidence.

In my case, I prefer to go with a mid tier gun ( 100-150k roubles ) with good ammo, class 4 armor and play a little more cautious.
Yesterday I was having trouble with that, and decided to put a good loadout to diversify a little, armor 5 and mp7 with top tier ammo. Result: just killed a squad of 3 and a solo player that tried to third party our fight. Dumped my gear to insurency fraud and extracted with some mid tier items.
Yeah, i'm a solo player. Whats your opinion?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ljs1uj/i_just_dont_like_going_full_chad_whos_in_the_same/

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