I love this game

I started playing fortnite battle royale in chapter 1, season 7 and bought stw in season 9. I played it a little in season X and then stopped playing the game entirely. Only came back to BR last season, and really started getting into stw over the past few months.

It's been a blast. All the various zombies are fun and interesting to fight, being challenging but not overly hard. The randomly generated maps are diverse and beautiful. I was solo'ing an Encampments mission today and just stopped and walked around for 5 minutes. Oh, the trees, the houses, the ambience, the music! They were all lovely.

And the characters, hearing Ray's quips over the mic, all of them interacting at homebase is great. I just wish they weren't just images on my screen!

And the people as well! Why are all of you so nice?! Giving everyone on the sub tips, and ingame just being great people! I had a teammate who, when asked for 1 active powercell, gave me 250! And a legendary SMG!! Some guy gave me 6 legendary weapons because he liked what skin I was using! I'm not complaining, but why?!

And I've not even tried Ventures or the Dungeons yet!

This game has so much potential. So much potential. It's a shame Epic has given up on it.

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